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Anonymous: How do you make gifs??

With Photoshop.

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Anonymous: Do you have vine? If so, could you help me with it? Cause I want to start vine but I don't know how to do edits:/

I don’t, sorry.

dubistnichtperfekt-ok: OMG,your blog is the best blog i've ever seen! <3 I love gifs of cim. ! Amy for the best ♥

Thank you so much. Sorry I’ve been away for so long. My computer wasn’t working, and I’ve been very busy. I’ll try to update more often.


Sure! I’ll post them today/tomorrow.

Anonymous: can you please make gifs of the girls in the Just Dance 4 Trailer? Thanks!

They appear for like two seconds at the beginning, and the game logo appears over them =(. I’ll try and see if I can make something.

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Anonymous: gifs christina cimorelli please

I’ll make some tomorrow. And this is my last request! Feel free to send me more =)

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