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Sure! I’ll post them today/tomorrow.

Anonymous: can you please make gifs of the girls in the Just Dance 4 Trailer? Thanks!

They appear for like two seconds at the beginning, and the game logo appears over them =(. I’ll try and see if I can make something.

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Anonymous: gifs christina cimorelli please

I’ll make some tomorrow. And this is my last request! Feel free to send me more =)

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Anonymous: Gifs of cover "Best Day of My Life" please? Thanks :)

I’ll make them after I’m done with the Counting Stars ones! Promise =)

Anonymous: gifs of cover " Counting Stars " pleaseee?

This will be my next gifset. Can’t believe I haven’t giffed that video yet, I love that song. Sorry it took so long!

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Anonymous: Gifs of cover "Where Have You Been" please

I’ll try to make some more, in the meantime go here.